from by LONAYA (Vocals) and OBYONETAOPY (Music)




LONAYA asks OBYONETAOPY: Are we talking crop circles produced by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) like the ones Amazon is supposed to begin using to deliver my packages? I stand in my driveway (wearing my pajamas, of course), waiting for hours every time I place a Prime order.

“Drone” could refer to a bee, or male wasp or ant. However, I suspect OBYONETAOPY named this song CIRCLE O DRONE because the music has, as Wikipedia states, “a continuous note or chord. Drone music, a minimalist musical style.”

OBYONETAOPY responds: It's like Indian music that has a continuous note or chord made to help musicians develop their melodies.
We could go ‘round and ‘round in CIRCLES about this my dear LONAYA, but let me assure you that this creation of mine is anything but boring. Yes, the even keel of the background creates a smooth abstract palette to help you paint your vocals in some mysterious and somewhat bizarre ways that perfectly fit mine.

People, please download this tune to your smart phone and you will have strange music to listen to while you wait for the DELIVERY DRONE, the train, the bus, the plane, or your newly met heart throb to call. You could spin in circles trying to catch your tail if you really wanted to get into the mood of LON CIRCLE of DRONE. Just sayin’ . . .


Lyrics are mostly in LIGHT LANGUAGE. For more info about it, you'd better ask LONAYA for details. OBYONETAOPY is only the music painter here.


from OPUS 1, track released April 22, 2016
LONAYA (Vocals) and OBYONETAOPY (Music)



all rights reserved


OBY-LON Nashville, Tennessee

LONAYA is Yvonne Perry, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics from American Institute of Holistic Theology. A Celestial Shaman and practitioner of light codes, light languages offering sound therapy and coaching to help Walk-ins, Empaths, Starseeds,etc.

OBYONETAOPY paints with sounds without Music Theory, he explores this World on unschooled paths to keep CONNECTING to the Universe.
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